Passionate People Make The Business

Kay (Belgium) and Linh (Vietnam) are the founders of BELVICO, established in the Central Highlands of Vietnam – the second largest coffee producing area in the World, located in Bao Loc, Lam Dong Province.

At Belvico, our passion drives our hunger for knowledge. We have a variety of skills, knowledge and experience amongst Belvico’s team:

  • Food Safety Projects in Vietnam with IFC, The World Bank
  • Specialty Coffee Association certified for Roasting, sensoring and cupping
  • Coffee and Climate, Neumann Kafee Groupe
  • Sustainable Coffee farming and management, Neumann Kafee Groupe

High Quality Coffee Beans

It all starts with high quality coffee beans.

For that reason, we are working closely together with the best coffee farmers in Lam Dong Province, who understand and follow our strict requirements regarding fertilizer management, harvesting techniques, ripeness of coffee cherries and drying processes.

We monitor these processes carefully as it strongly influences the flavor potential of our coffee products.

Honey Processed & Green House Dried

There are different ways to process and dry coffee beans.

Belvico’s honey processed and natural greenhouse dried coffee has created a new set of premium flavours, attracting consumers who are looking for authentic, new coffee aromas

Roasting Technology

Roasting Technology is crucial for consistent quality.

Therefore, we have invested in the latest, fully automatic roasting technology from Europe, which enables us to create our own, unique roasting profiles

Food Safety

Food Safety in coffee needs more attention.

We prioritize the health of our clients at Belvico and invested in coffee testing in a Foreign Food Lab for each new crop of coffee. See one of our lab results via here. Furthermore, we are setting up HACCP certification, expected to be in place by mid-2021 – which monitors and controls food safety standards in coffee.


Depending on the coffee variety, processing techniques, drying methods and roasting profiles, our different types of coffee are categorized into four flavor profiles.

Please discover and enjoy.