Vietnam’s finest coffee Cultivated, harvested, and roasted in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
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biodegradable bags.
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100% biodegradable. and we mean it.

At Belvico, sustainability is more than just a buzz word. That’s why we’ve spent several months trying to find the perfect balance between product quality and complete respect for the environment.

Our 100% biodegradable coffee bag keeps your coffee fresh and flavorful, whilst also being fully degradable in every environment.

It all starts with high quality coffee beans.

We work with the best coffee farmers in Lam Dong Province who share the same passion and commitment regarding fertilizer management, harvesting techniques, and drying processes.

Just the right technique. For just the right flavour.

Our honey processed and natural greenhouse dried coffee creates a set of premium flavours – perfect for those who are looking for the most authentic coffee aromas

Perfect results. Every single time.

For absolute consistency in quality, we’ve invested in the latest, fully- automated roasting technology from Europe which allows us to create our own unique set of roasting profiles.

Giving Food Safety the attention it needs.

At Belvico, Food Safety is at the top of our list – that’s why each
new crop of coffee is tested in a foreign food lab. Have a look at some of our lab results here.

Our commitment to direct trade

Working in an environment where transparency, mutual trust, and respect is highly valued – especially by us. Plus, we wouldn’t be where we are without the support of our farmers.

Our coffee farmers are not only part of our team – they’re part of the Belvico family. Learn more about our Direct Trade commitments below.