In all honesty, we never labeled our way of doing business ‘direct trade’, until some of our key accounts informed us that direct trade was what we were doing all along.

Looking back, it was quite a challenge to establish a
solid cooperation between the Coffee Farmers and our Coffee Company. Systematically changing Coffee Farming management was tough, even for the son of a Coffee Farmer. (Link to our story)

Our Roastery simply needed higher quality coffee beans to consistently offer authentic and unique coffee flavors to our clients. To do so, we had to get deeply involved in the coffee farming itself, and eventually, we made 3 simple, but crucial guidelines: the way of picking coffee cherries, the way of

storing coffee cherries and the way of fertilizing coffee trees. The honey processing and roasting technology would then take care of the rest, but high-quality coffee beans were the key to success.

The Coffee Farmers simply needed to be assured that their additional efforts and higher costs would be compensated fairly. They were very curious about the sustainability of
the business, as they never heard of upgrading low quality Robusta beans before.

We can now proudly say that our efforts paid off and that our Coffee farmers have become true business partners, working in an environment where transparency, mutual trust and information sharing is highly valued.