There is no better gift for the coffee lover in your life than an expertly roasted specialty coffee from Vietnam.

Belvico’s direct trade Vietnamese coffee beans are cared for from the moment they are planted to the moment they are roasted to ensure the very highest quality beans make it to your cup.

When it comes to specialty Vietnamese coffee, there is no better choice than Belvico, but there is one big problem – which roast or blend should you choose?

Let’s go through some of our best selling products to help you make the best choice.

Belvico’s 100% Arabica

The beans in Belvico’s 100% Arabica blend comes from a small selection of farms in Vietnams Central Highlands.

In an entirely biodegradable bag, these beans are ethically sourced and expertly roasted by Belvico on location in Lam Dong.

A medium roast is used for this blend to bring out the subtle notes of floral, herbs, orange, lime and tropical fruit flavors, along with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

The medium roast on these beans makes them perfect for use with pour-over methods, such as V60 or espresso drinks.

Belvico’s 100% Robusta

Vietnam is famous for its Robusta beans, and with this 100% Robusta coffee, Belvico has really done justice to this often undervalued coffee variety.

All of Belvico’s Robusta beans are sourced from family farms in the Central Highlands, where the beans’ farming and processing are carefully monitored.

Only the best beans make it into Belvico’s Robusta blend, ensuring unprecedented quality for Vietnamese Robusta beans.

This coffee is medium roasted to bring out the Robusta beans’ natural caramel, nutty, light fruity flavors. 

When brewed using a traditional pour-over, V60 or espresso machine, you will experience a smooth, long aftertaste with a powerful caffeine punch.

Belvico’s Premium Arabica

The Belvico premium Arabica uses high-quality Typica, Bourbon, Pacamara, and Moka beans handpicked and selected for processing.

These Arabica beans are processed using the fully washed method before being dried in greenhouses, ensuring consistency of flavour and a pure taste.

Our premium Arabica represents some of the highest quality beans available from the Central Highlands. You will taste the care and attention in every single cup you brew.

Belvico’s Premium Robusta

The Belvico premium Robusta goes through a similar selection process as the premium Arabica blend. Only the best coffee cherries are selected for the final product.

These beans go through the honey processing method. Unlike the fully washed process, the honey method leaves some of the honey-like mucilage on the coffee bean during drying. 

Honey processing can impart more complex flavours into the final roast, and this is evident in Belvico’s premium Robusta blend, which is a step above the standard Robusta blends available.

Belvico Gift Boxes

Even from this small selection of coffees, choosing just one can be challenging. Without a doubt, they each have their own unique characteristics, and any coffee lover would be happy to receive them.

One way to experience a broader range of Blevico’s coffees is to purchase a coffee gift box.

The classic or special New Year gift boxes from Belvico feature a selection of the finest Vietnamese coffees for your tasting pleasure. 

Recipients of this gift will delight in sampling the different coffees in the range and choosing their favourite for themselves. Order one for the coffee lover in your life today!

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