Plastic was invented more than 100 years and was a real game changer in our society. This game changer has unfortunately evolved into one of the biggest environmental issues which human mankind is facing.

Plastic is harmful for humans, animals and plants because of its toxic pollutants. Many organisms in the food chain from plankton through fish to whales are negatively affected. Plastic does not easily break down; we are talking about hundreds or even thousands of years.

On a positive note, there is a growing awareness in society to reduce the use of so called ‘single use plastic’. One might underestimate the positive impact we can have as an individual and family by making smart daily choices about the use of plastic.

As a company, we are striving towards more sustainability, looking at it as a never-ending journey. In our sustainability commitment, we are considering packaging as a key area of improvement.

We have spent several months looking for a compromise between product quality – how do we preserve coffee flavor

in our coffee bag – and respect for the environment. It has been a discovery journey, in which the truth did not unveil itself easily. We learnt that bio-degradable and compostable have a different meaning, that most so called ‘environmentally friendly’ coffee bags were only partly compostable or partly bio-degradable, that bio-degradable and compostable bags will not degrade on waste landfills and that some of these bags cannot preserve the coffee flavor.

Well, giving up was not an option and we are happy to inform you that we eventually found a reliable supplier who ticked all the boxes.

We are very proud to present you our 100% biodegradable coffee bag which keeps your coffee fresh and flavorful, meanwhile quickly and fully degradable in every environment.

For more information about Plastic Waste, please click the links below:


Is 100% degradable, including off-gas valve
and closing zipper

Breaks down 100% in any environment:

  • Backyard compost, 6 months
  • Aerobic landfill, 1-2 years
  • Anaerobic landfill: 2-5 years
  • River-Lake-Ocean: 1-2 years